Ari Porki



My ambient soundscapes are inspired by northern nature and four extreme seasons. This closeness of the nature obligatory comes through my music even it’s only through simple synthesizer sound, field-recording or sample. As music has been part of my life for decades, there would be some kind of highlights of my past, evolving from my sub-consciousness. Rest of the year 2016 I’m going to make collaboration with Christopher Alvarado in genre I don’t know very well so far, dark ambient. Also planning to put together new ambient tracks I have done during this year and release them out on Bandcamp. Some of these tracks are available to listen on my Soundcloud page.

Release May 2016:

“The only influence in my music are the artists I work with.” Christopher Alvarado


Release April 2016:

Behemoth (Various Artists Compilation) was put together during March 2016 by Kendall Keeler of December Nightskies.


Sound For Good release Space Rock II:

Aural Films is happy to announce the follow-up project appropriately titled “Space Rock II: Return to Space.” To help reach our goal of planting over 10,000 trees in 2015! Space Rock II returns with 75 tracks that will be released on Halloween, October 31, 2015. Find this and other Sound For Good releases at